A photo of artist eric beal holding a canvas. eric is wearing a salmon color beanie, thick glasses, and a t shirt.
eric beal has taken creation seriously as a form of expression since the age of 6. he was taught through public schools the basics of art and began experimenting with styles through observations, trial, and error. developing his spray painting style through his 20s, eric honed in after moving to los angeles in 2017 turning to topic matter that affected society on the individual level. eric is also co-founder and producer at the artscene, a community connecting artists and art-lovers around the world through sharing artists’ stories.

eric holds a background in biology, medical research, and communications. he dedicates much of his time to learning and challenging his own conceptions, as well as yours.

the lowercase is purposeful.


"art shares a common emotional experience. i derive my inspiration from seeing how the world is & accentuating its urgencies."


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